/laɪt / (say luyt)

1. that which makes things visible, or affords illumination: all colours depend on light.
2. Physics
a. Also, luminous energy, radiant energy. electromagnetic radiation to which the organs of sight react, ranging in wavelength from about 4 × 10-7 to 7.4 × 10-7 metres and travelling at a speed defined to be 299 792 458 metres per second. It is considered variously as a wave, corpuscular, or quantum phenomenon.
b. the sensation produced by it on the organs of sight.
c. a similar form of radiant energy which does not affect the retina, as ultraviolet or infra-red rays.
3. an illuminating agent or source, as the sun, a lamp, or a beacon.
4. the light, radiance, or illumination from a particular source: the light of a candle.
5. the illumination from the sun, or daylight.
6. daybreak or dawn.
7. daytime.
8. measure or supply of light; illumination: the wall cuts off our light.
9. a particular light or illumination in which an object seen takes on a certain appearance: viewing the portrait in various lights.
10. Art
a. the effect of light falling on an object or scene as represented in a picture.
b. one of the brightest parts of a picture.
11. (plural)highlight (def. 8a).
12. the aspect in which a thing appears or is regarded: this shows up in a favourable light.
13. a gleam or sparkle, as in the eyes.
14. a means of igniting, as a spark, flame, match, or the like: could you give me a light?
15. the state of being visible, exposed to view, or revealed to public notice or knowledge: to come to light.
16. a window, or a pane or compartment of a window.
17. mental or spiritual illumination or enlightenment: to throw light on a mystery.
18. (plural) information, ideas, or mental capacities possessed: to act according to one's lights.
19. a person who is an illuminating or shining example; a luminary.
20. a lighthouse.
21. a traffic light.
22. (plural) Colloquial eyes.
23. having light or illumination, rather than dark: the lightest room in the entire house.
24. pale, whitish, or not deep or dark in colour: a light red.
verb (lit or lighted, lighting)
verb (t)
25. to set burning (a candle, lamp, pipe for smoking, etc.); kindle (a fire); ignite (fuel, a match, etc.).
26. to switch on (an electric light).
27. to give light to; illuminate; to furnish with light or illumination.
28. to conduct with a light: a candle to light you to bed.
verb (i)
29. to take fire or become kindled.
30. a lesser light, a person who is of secondary importance or rank.
31. bring to light, to discover; reveal.
32. come to light, to be discovered; become known.
33. in a bad light, under unfavourable circumstances.
34. in a good light, under favourable circumstances.
35. in the light of, taking into account; considering.
36. light a fire under, to galvanise into action: to light a fire under the committee.
37. light at the end of the tunnel, the prospect of a happy outcome from present difficulties.
38. light up,
a. to make bright as with light or colour: a huge room lit up with candles.
b. to cause (the face, etc.) to brighten or become animated: a smile lit up her face.
c. to become bright as with light or colour: the sky lights up at sunset.
d. to brighten with animation or joy, as the face, eyes, etc.
e. to apply a flame to a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc., in order to smoke it.
39. out like a light, Colloquial unconscious, especially after being struck, or receiving an anaesthetic.
40. put (or punch) someone's lights out, Colloquial to render someone unconscious, as with a punch.
41. see the light,
a. to come into existence.
b. to be made public, or published, as a book.
c. to accept or understand an idea; realise the truth of something.
d. to be converted, especially to Christianity.
42. shed (or throw) light on, to make clear; explain.
43. stand in someone's light, (especially in the negative) Colloquial to actively prevent someone from doing what they want to do.
44. the lights are on but nobody's home, Colloquial (a catchphrase implying that someone is failing to comprehend.)
{Middle English; Old English lēoht; distantly related to Latin lux light, Greek leukos white, clear}
/laɪt / (say luyt)

1. of little weight; not heavy: a light load.
2. of little weight in proportion to bulk; of low specific gravity: a light metal.
3. of less than the usual or average weight: light clothing.
4. connected or concerned with the manufacture of goods less substantial than those produced by large-scale engineering: light industry.
5. of small amount, force, intensity, etc.: light rain; light sleep.
6. gentle; delicate; exerting only slight pressure.
7. easy to endure, deal with, or perform: light duties.
8. not profound, serious, or heavy: light reading.
9. of little moment or importance; trivial: the loss was no light matter.
10. easily digested.
11. not heavy or strong, as wine, etc.
12. having less of a normal standard ingredient: light beer.
13. (of bread, cakes, etc.) spongy or well leavened.
14. porous or friable, as soil.
15. slender or delicate in form or appearance: a light, graceful figure.
16. airy or buoyant in movement: light as air.
17. nimble or agile: light on one's feet.
18. free from any burden of sorrow or care: a light heart.
19. cheerful: a light laugh.
20. characterised by lack of proper seriousness; frivolous: *Mrs Roxburgh … was made to feel light, frivolous, implausible, when dressed in the earnest young woman's gift. –patrick white, 1976.
21. wanton; immoral: *Brand her before the whole town as a light woman? –henry handel richardson, 1917.
22. easily swayed or changing; volatile: to be light of love.
23. dizzy, as from fever: a light head.
24. Military lightly armed or equipped: light infantry.
25. adapted by small weight or slight build for small loads or swift movement: light vessels.
26. Phonetics
a. having a less than normally strong pronunciation, as of a vowel or syllable.
b. (of l sounds) resembling a front vowel in quality: French l is lighter than English l.
27. lightly.
28. with little or no luggage: to travel light.
29. with little or no cargo: a ship sailing light.
30. light on, Colloquial
a. in short supply; scarce: money was light on then.
b. (sometimes followed by for) poorly supplied: we're light on for flour.
31. make light of, to treat as of little importance.
{Middle English; Old English lēoht, līht}
/laɪt / (say luyt)

verb (i) (lighted or lit, lighting)
1. to get down or descend, as from a horse or a vehicle.
2. to come to rest, as on a spot or thing; land.
3. to fall, as a stroke, weapon, vengeance, choice, etc., on a place or person.
4. light on (or upon), to come on by chance; happen on; hit on: to light on a clue.
5. light out, Colloquial to depart hastily: *We'll stay at a pub or something tonight, and tomorrow I'll pay off and we'll light out for Sydney. –criena rohan, 1962.
{Middle English liht(en), light(en), Old English līhtan alight, originally make light, relieve of a weight, from līht light2 (adjective)

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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